Recommended Bookies (Part 2)

31st Mar 2016

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We have already covered which bookies I recommend for certain types of accumulators in Part 1 of this blog post. For Part 2, we will be covering which bookies I recommend for our "Premium Singles", “Premium Doubles” and our “£20 to £1000 Challenge Tips”.

The key factors to consider when choosing a suitable bookie for this shorter odds style of betting are very different to the factors needed to select bookies suited to longer odds accumulators. Pretty much every bookie has some kind of offer for accumulators, like “acca insurance” and bonus offers, because they know accumulators lose more often than not. However, due to the increased chance of winning with shorter odds bets like our “Premium Singles/Doubles” and “£20 to £1000 Challenge Tips”, bookies will very rarely provide any kind of offer to encourage that style of betting. This is why the two recommendations in this post are based on the fact that both bookies have exceptionally large football sportsbooks with a huge number of betting options, and this is an essential requirement for generating long term profit from football betting.

From my experience of shorter odds betting, if you want to make long term profit, you have to be able to select the bet that feels to you like it has the best possible chance of winning. As soon as you try to adapt the bet you want to place to one that is slightly different, in order to suit the selections that are available to you from your regular bookie, you will most likely reduce your chances of winning. That is why I believe the only bookmakers to consider for shorter odds betting are Bet365 and 888sport as from my experience; they have by far the largest number of available markets for football betting that I’m aware of.

Our “Tipster’s Doubles” and “£20 to £1000 Challenge Tips” often use the “Asian handicap” and “Goal line” markets, as we believe them to be more predictable and give you the option of being able to cover the unexpected results a little better by providing some ‘void’ outcomes. As already mentioned, some of the so-called “top bookmakers” don’t even offer these markets, and many only offer a few options for each market, and often only on the higher profile matches. Bet365 and 888sport however offer a large selection of “Asian handicap” and “Goal line” (N.B. “Goal line” markets are known as “Asian total” on 888sport and Unibet) options on many football leagues, even the lower profile leagues. They also have some of the most in-depth options on many of the other football markets, and this is why I only recommend using Bet365 and/or 888sport for our “Premium Singles/Doubles” and “£20 to £1000 Challenge Tips”.

I hope you have all found this post useful, and hopefully by using the right bookie for your bets, you will be able to increase your chances of making money from your betting.

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