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Top Football Tipster provides football betting tips designed to help you make long term profit from football betting. Every tip provided on Top Football Tipster is extensively and expertly researched to help give you the best chance possible of beating the bookmaker.

The extensive research covers a huge range of statistics, from home/away records, head2head records, goal ratios for/against, to current form, injuries, suspensions and many more. Read more...

Top Football Tipster FAQ’s

Which tips are sent via the newsletter list?

The following content is sent via the newsletter:

  • Notification of the latest £1000 Challenge tips, so you never miss a single tip.
  • Official "Tipster's Doubles", Accumulators, and the latest Blog posts.
  • Any website updates and enhanced odds offers.

How often is the Newsletter sent out?

The Newsletter is sent out fairly frequently as it will notify people when the latest tips have been posted for the day, as well as blog posts and general updates. It's unlikely to be sent more than once a day, and when the fixtures are really bad and i don't feel there are any selections worth following, the newsletter not be sent out.

What is the free bets page?

The Free Bets page brings you a selection of new customer offers from some of the top online bookmakers. It's worthwhile taking advantage of these offers, and it's often good to have a few different accounts so you're able to compare odds before placing any bets, enabling you to maximise your profits.

What is the tipster's double?

These are Tips designed for steady profit building at odds of 1/1. They are usually posted daily, however the fixtures need to be good enough to have a decent chance of picking a winning selection, and at the right odds. These Tips are designed for same stake betting and require a win rate of over 50% in order to result in steady profit.

What are the Tipster's Accumulators?

These are mainly posted at the weekend when the fixture choice is greater, and are designed for smaller stakes at higher odds. Accumulators combine the outcome of a number of selections into the one bet. If any one selection loses, the entire bet loses. However if all selections win then the reward is often far greater than bets placed on single events. This is often popular with people who don't like to stake too much money as they can stake a small amount but still have the possibility of winning a substantial amount of money without risking a heavy loss. The frequency of success will always be lower though due to the number of individual selections that have to win in order for the accumulator to win.


The aim of this challenge is to turn an initial £20 stake into £1000 using short odds bets, which we consider to have a very high chance of winning. Then each time a bet wins, the returns will be used as the stake for the next bet until the £1000 is reached.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of the £1000 Challenge.


The Bet Calculator below allows you to calculate your return from a comprehensive range of bets, including Singles, Doubles, Accumulators, Trixies, Yankees, Goliath and many more. The simple to use interface will enable you to determine how your potential returns can be affected by the various outcomes (win, void, lose) of each selection.

What is the 'betting school' page?

This section is coming soon and is designed to help those who are less familiar with football betting. Top Football Tipster focuses only on certain types of bet because they can be predicted with more reliability than other types, this section explains how these particular bets work, giving examples when needed.


This page is for anything football related that the tipster wish to write about, it could be match previews and predictions to thoughts on various betting strategies.

The blog page allows you to leave comments at the bottom, and reply to other peoples comments to give you a more interactive experience. So feel free to have your say and speak up if you agree or disagree on any of the posts or if you have anything related which you wish to share.

Comments will be moderated so try to keep them on topic and respectful.

If you have any suggestions for what might be good blog post topics in the future, feel free to get back to me with your ideas.

Can I contact Top Football Tipster if I reply to the Newsletter or Newsletter confirmation email?

Replies to the Newsletter or Newsletter confirmation email are not monitored. Please email or fill in the form on the contact page if you wish to contact Top Football Tipster.

Why haven't I received a confirmation email when signing up to the Newsletter mailing list?

The most likely reason is that the confirmation email has been placed in your junk/spam folder, as your email account isn't familiar with our email address. There has however been an extremely low number that have reported not receiving the confirmation email even when checking the junk/spam folders, in those cases the best thing to do is try and sign up using an alternative email address. I'm unable to sign you up manually as the mailing list is an automated system.

Why haven't I received the Newsletter?

If you've signed up to the mailing list but haven't yet received the Newsletter, it's either because the Newsletter hasn't yet been posted, or because it's gone to your junk/spam folder instead of your email inbox.

Do you use mathematical algorithms for your betting tips?

No. There are so many factors to consider when selecting a football betting Tips/Predictions, which an algorithm just wont be able to take into account. Yes algorithms can assess a likelihood of an outcome based on historical statistical data, but that is done as part of the research on Top Football Tipster anyway, as well as trying to consider many factors which are harder to measure, for example:

  • Does the team have anything to play for?
  • Are they distracted by an upcoming fixture?
  • What are their confidence levels?
  • Is it likely key players will be rested?
  • Are they pushing for the title or battling to avoid relegation?

Do you use statistics when selecting your Tips?

Yes, each Tip/Prediction is thoroughly researched using historical statistical data on home and away records, head2head records, goals for and against etc. However non-statistical elements are often just as important.

Do you consider non-statistical elements when selecting your Tips?

Yes. The non-statistical elements can often make all the difference. The statistical data can sometimes tell you a team is likely to win, however when the non-statistical elements have been taken into account it might be that the game in question is best avoided because a team may be low on confidence, they may be resting some key players, they could have key injuries, have an important upcoming match which is distracting their focus, and many more potential reasons.


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