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5th April 2020

A new £20 to £1000 Challenge will be started when there are suitable fixtures for a very safe sele... Read More
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Success Story: £20 to £1000 Challenge Complete! (18th Dec 2017) - After 19 consecutive winning tips, we successfully turned our £20 stake into £1009.49!! Congratulations to all who followed!

£20 to £1000 Challenge

What is the £20 to £1000 Challenge?

The aim of a £1000 betting challenge is to turn an initial starting stake, which in this case is £20, into £1000 using short odds bets which we consider to have a very high chance of winning. Each time a bet wins, the returns are used as the stake for the next bet until the £1000 target is reached.

How to follow the £1000 Betting Challenge?

To be able to access and follow these bets, you will need to become a Premium Member. Once a Premium member, you can have the latest £1000 Challenge Tips sent direct to your email by setting your preferences to receive the Premium newsletter so you never miss a single tip. 

You may also need a 888sport account as some of our selections aren't available at other bookies. If you don't already have a 888sport account, you can open one by signing up here.​

£20 to £1000 Challenge Example:

Below is an example of how the £1000 Challenge would work if all the bets were placed at 1/2 odds:

Useful Advice

Assuming the first couple of Challenge bets win and your money has doubled, we recommend taking back your initial £20 stake and continuing the remainder of the challenge using just profit made up to that point. This will guarantee you don’t risk losing any of your original stake during the remainder of the challenge.

For an in-depth guide on the best strategies used to complete £1000 betting challenges, we recommend you take a look at our 20 most effective tips to help you complete a £1000 betting challenge.

How often are the £1000 Challenge tips posted?

The posting of new Challenge Tips is fully dependent on the quality of the available fixtures. When there aren’t any selections available to be considered safe enough to use for a challenge tip, no tip will be given that day. However if fixtures are plentiful, and the quality of League is strong, then a Challenge Tip will be posted. 

Some weeks there are many good quality fixtures to select from, meaning we get to post a new Challenge Tip each day that week. However some weeks, like during the summer when the main European Leagues have finished, there may only be the opportunity to post one safe selection in a week.

When are the Challenge tips posted?

As with the rest of our tips, our challenge tips are usually emailed out and added to the website at around 12 noon on the day the selection plays. This allows us enough time to carry out some thorough research, as well as giving you enough enough time to place any bets before any selections kick off.

Which games do the Challenge Tips cover?

With other tips we would consider all leagues and competitions around the world, however when it comes to Challenge Tips we need to be as safe as possible, therefore we tend to focus only leagues due to their increased reliabilty over Cup competitions. Also, we don't stray from the major European leagues like the German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spain La Liga etc as the smaller leagues can be more unreliable due to there being little difference in quality between the teams.

What factors influence the selections made?

With betting challenges the selections have to be as safe as possible as the overall risk of completing the challenge is so high. Therefore the individual selections must be extremely likely to win in order to be chosen, even if that means the odds are often very short. Comprehensive research is carried out on all selections, covering statistical data from home and away records, recent form, head2head records, and much more. 

No matter how much research is carried out though, no outcome can be guaranteed, and we always advise to gamble responsibly.

Have we ever completed a Betting Challenge?

Yes. It's extremely difficult to complete however we did manage to put a run of 19 consecutive winning bets together to successfully turn £20 into £1009.49. It's important to note though, even though we have completed the £20 to £1000 Challenge, we do not recommend this betting approach as a good way to make long term profit from football betting. This approach is high risk, hence the name "Challenge", and if you're wanting to make slow steady profit then you should not be using this approach.

What are the advantages of Betting Challenges?

The main advantage to this kind of betting is enjoyment and excitement. With betting challenges the ulitimate goal is always a large win, and it's this possibility of winning a large amount that makes it more exciting than slow shorts odds profit building strategies. The downside however is the element of risk invloved, challenges are very difficult to complete, and we DO NOT recommend them as effective strategies for building long term profit.

Do we post any Free Football Tips?

Yes, if you prefer to only place a bet now and then, our Free Betting Tips might be for you as they are only posted once a week. They can also be followed on our Instagram account Top_Football_Tipster, and on our Twitter account @No1TFT.

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