Premium Betting Tips currently FREE of charge!

24th March 2020

As a result of the majority of football leagues/competitions being put on hold. It's now getting increasingly difficult to find any fixtures worth considering for betting, therefore the following changes will be made.

Premium Betting Tips now FREE of charge
As from today, all new and future monthly Premium Membership payments will be fully refunded within 24hrs until further notice. Top Football Tipster is a Premium service which has standards to uphold, therefore if the fixtures don't enable us to uphold those standards, we will not charge for that service.

How to register for the Premium Betting Tips
Simply fill out the registration form HERE to set up your Premium membership account. You will then automatically be taken to Paypal to complete the monthly subscription set up. Your initial £4.99 payment will be refunded within 24hrs, and all future monthly £4.99 subscription payments will also be refunded within 24hrs whilst the service is free of charge.

How long will the Premium Betting Tips be FREE of charge?
Only when enough quality Leagues are back up and running for us to once more be able to provide a normal service will we start charging again. When this happens, we will notify you a few days in advance so that everyone will be aware of when normal service will be resumed.

Does this apply for new and existing members?
Yes. All new members will have their initial £4.99 payment refunded within 24hrs, and all new and existing members will have any future monthly £4.99 subscription payments refunded within 24hrs whilst the service is free of charge.

Will we continue to provide betting tips?
Yes. Even though we will be refunding all payments until further notice, we will continue to provide our Premium service using what limited fixtures are available. Some days will be impossible to provide tips, but when there are fixtures worth considering we will continue to post tips as normal via email and on the website.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Best wishes,

Top Football Tipster
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